Why debt isn’t always bad

Taking on debt may make you feel worried, but while debts are often viewed negatively, they can actually have many benefits for the future of your business.

Debt can help manage cash flow and can also help you achieve your long-term goals.

Benefits of business debt

  • Allows for effective credit control
  • Helps manage cashflow
  • Assists move towards long-term goals.


Having a business can be expensive, so looking for external funding should be considered as it can play an important role in leading to growth.

A business loan should be considered as often it will have a low-interest rate in comparison to other funding options such as credit cards, and finance companies.

Loans can be used for a variety of business needs such as purchasing equipment, refurbishing your premises, or raising cash flow.

Debt financing

Debt financing is often useful for small or new companies, who often use debt financing to buy resources that will facilitate growth.

It occurs when a company raises money by selling debt instruments, this is often in the form of bank loans or bonds.

Due to taking on additional debt, the company will be responsible for paying back the loan with interest.

Many strong businesses which have continuous sales and high levels of profit will rely on debt financing.

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