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Higher rate taxpayer? How to prepare for the end of the tax year

The end of the financial year is coming. 5 April is crunch time for making businesses and individual estates as tax efficient as possible.

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HMRC U-turns on its double cab pickups tax decision

HMRC surprised all taxpayers who own a double cab pickup as a company vehicle on 12 February by announcing that these vehicles would be classified as cars and not vans, which would have led to higher National Insurance Contributions (NICs) for owners. Read More

Loophole closed: Pickups are now classed as cars (NOT vans)

A dispute between Coca-Cola and HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has closed the loophole that previously defined double-cab pickups as vans and now means they will be classed as cars.

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Making Tax Digital – Your questions, answered

Making Tax Digital (MTD) is designed to simplify the tax process for business owners.

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Government to change tax law twice before election – How to prepare

The Chair of the Conservatives, Richard Holden, has said that there could be two more changes to UK tax law before the election – which is expected to be called in the latter part of this year.

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Attention UK Taxpayers – do you understand the 500T tax code?

The 500T tax code in the UK is a temporary, non-cumulative code used by HMRC when they lack information.

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Warning to all taxpayers – Pay your taxes on time amidst rising interest rates 

As the deadline for paying any tax approaches, it is crucial you make your payments accurately and on time before it is too late. Read More

So, you want an electric company car? The tax perspective

Environmental consciousness is becoming more and more aligned with business operations, and electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming a popular choice for company cars as a result.

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Payroll tax obligations – Have you got it covered?

If you employ one or more people for paid work, it’s essential that you have a properly managed payroll.

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Working remotely – What are the tax implications?

Working remotely has increased since the Covid pandemic, with 12.7 per cent of employees now working full-time from home in 2023.

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