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Potential tax increases and their impact on businesses

In recent reports, former Prime Minister Sir Tony Blair has forecasted potential tax increases that could have an impact on businesses across the UK.

The Tony Blair Institute’s chief economist predicts taxes may need to rise by 1.9 percentage points of GDP by the end of this Parliament to stabilise debt, potentially equating to over £50 billion.

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Will Labour’s agenda in the King’s Speech signal major tax changes for businesses in 2025?

As the opening of Parliament approaches on 17 July, businesses across the country are bracing for the King’s Speech, which is expected to outline the Labour Government’s legislative priorities for the coming year.

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How you can protect your finances against inflation

Even though inflation has dropped a lot from its peak in October 2022 of 11.1 per cent, the highest rate in 40 years, it doesn’t mean prices are going down—they’re just rising more slowly.

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I’ve taken over the family business and our accounting needs modernising – how do I achieve this?

Taking the helm of the family business is an exciting time and an opportunity for you to put your stamp on its operations and future direction.   Read More

Strike the right balance between AI and human efforts

We can all agree that with the advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) – whether we want it to or not – traditional business practices are rapidly evolving.

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Are you planning a rebrand for your business? Here are some financial factors to consider

Rebranding isn’t just about designing a creative new logo or catchy tagline—it’s about capturing the essence of your company’s identity, core values, and reputation.

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Five key financial metrics your business should be tracking for financial health

When you set up your business, it’s important that you recognise the value of data, particularly financial data.

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Protect your business against deepfake fraud scams

Deepfake technology has made significant advancements thanks to the progress in artificial intelligence (AI), enabling scammers to replicate a person’s appearance and mimic their voice in mere minutes or even seconds of video footage.

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Support your team on and off the clock with childcare reforms

As an employer, it’s crucial to support your team not only during working hours but also in their personal lives.

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Thinking of investing in electric cars for your business? – Here’s what you need to know

The number of electric cars on our roads is rising rapidly. In 2023 alone, the number of new electric vehicles rose by 18 per cent and there are now some, 1.1 million fully electric cars on UK roads, according to official figures from April 2024.

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