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Big hitters to join key conference on the hospitality sector

Vale & WestMay 19,2022
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The future of the hospitality industry will be in the spotlight next month when politicians and the movers and shakers in the industry come together for a key conference.


Should you buy an electric company car?

Vale & WestMay 18,2022
Blog,Business,Business Blog,Personal Tax,Tax

With the price of fuel continually rising, along with the sale of new petrol and diesel cars ending in 2030, the popularity of electric cars is rocketing.


Thousands more taxpayers filing Self Assessment returns early

Vale & WestMay 17,2022
Blog,Business Blog,Tax Blog

An increasing number of people are filing their Self Assessment tax returns early.


New initiative helps to make the most of the pavement cafe culture

Vale & WestMay 12,2022
Blog,Business,Business Blog,leisure and hospitality

The move by the Government to make pavement licences permanent presents an opportunity for the hard-pressed hospitality industry.


Enterprise investment rebounds strongly after being hit by pandemic

Vale & WestMay 11,2022
Blog,Business,Business Blog

There has been a fall in investment of around 12 per cent in the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS), largely caused by the effects of the pandemic.


Every business has goals, but how can you achieve them?

Vale & WestMay 10,2022
Blog,Business,Business Blog

Without being motivated by business goals, it could be easy for the business to become stagnant.


Can my business pay for my garden office?

Vale & WestMay 6,2022
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When it comes to purchasing and expensing a garden office, you may be wondering if your company can cover the costs. Whilst this is possible, there are the following caveats and issues to contend with that you should keep in mind.


Charging an electric company car: what you need to know

Vale & WestMay 5,2022
Blog,Business Blog,SMEs,SMEs / Business,Tax,Tax Blog

With the important focus on achieving Net Zero goals and targeting personal emissions, more and more company cars seem to be following the electric car trend.


Parents missing out on Tax-Free childcare allowance encouraged to claim

Vale & WestMay 3,2022
Blog,Business Blog,Tax,Tax Blog

Many parents have been missing out on Tax-Free Childcare, after it was revealed that one in five parents did not know they met the eligibility criteria.


Get your tax in order as National Insurance rises

Vale & WestApr 28,2022
Blog,Business Blog,Tax,Tax Blog

With the arrival of April’s payslips in people’s pockets, the recent rise in National Insurance will be clear to see.


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